Armadale Podiatry Clinic is a stockist of Archies Arch Support Thongs which is great news for your feet

Archies Arch Support ThongsHot weather is coming and the possibility of long walks along your favourite beach or lazing by the pool for the holiday season is only a tempting day dream away.
Feeling the sand between your toes is fantastic, but if you are like many of our clients who spend a lot of time in shoes during the year, this can result in foot pain from plantar fasciitis.
Luckily, Archies Arch Support Thongs allow your feet the freedom they are craving but also give the support that they need which helps prevent muscle strain and painful feet.


Nobody wants to finish off a holiday with sore feet!

Pop in and see how the Archies arch support thongs feel on your feet. We can assist you in making sure you get the right size and then the only thing you need to do is to pick which colour you like best!

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