Causes of heel pain include:

Excessive pronation or “rolling in” of the feet whilst standing, walking and running. Usually this is also associated with incorrect or poorly supportive footwear.

Bursitis or “inflamed fluid filled sack at the back of the calcaneus or heel bone” which can be caused by shoe heel counters rubbing continuously against the bone and tendon insertion area which results in the bursa or sack becoming inflamed and sore.

Bone bruising or fractures from high impact or falls.

Nerve impingement from incorrect footwear or chronic swelling in the feet. This may result in a neuroma or swelling around a nerve in the foot which then creates pain when standing or wearing shoes.

Treatment of heel pain:

Early treatment may involve daily foot and leg exercises and shoe recommendations, taping or strapping. Taping or strapping supports the foot, placing stressed muscles in a restful state and preventing further strain on the plantar fascia. Other physical therapies may also be used, including ice packs, western acupuncture, dry needling and low level laser.

Further treatment may involve prescription of accommodative or functional orthotics which help support the foot and allow the muscles of the foot and leg to work and rest at the correct phases of the gait cycle. Your podiatrist at Armadale Podiatry Clinic will be able to fit you with the best orthotic for your problem and budget.


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